I just installed the Scribe Server on a Windows Server 2012. The Installation was successfull and I did add my user , in this case the administrator , to the Scribe Console Users Group. But when starting the Scribe Insight Console crashes with the error “Microsoft Management Console has stopped working“.


Looking at the details it looks something like this..

Problem Event Name: APPCRASH Application
Name: mmc.exe
Application Version: 6.2.9200.16384
Application Timestamp: 5010a074
Fault Module Name: mmc.exe 

This does not tell you much about the error or why the Scribe Console crashes. I tried to use the ‘run as administrator’ menu but it did not work. I have checked the security settings for the scribe folder but still the Scribe insight console crashes.

So what to do ?

Find Scribe Console Error

To find the error Scribe Insight Console has thrown you need to go to the Event Viewer. Do this in Windows 2012 by starting the server manager. Go to local server>Tasks and select Computer Management


Select Event Viewer>Custom Views>Summary page events. Here you should see some errors throwned by the Scribe Admin Server.


In my case I got the following error:

System Critical Error
The service failed to initialize the internal database:
Error retrieving the product id from the db

Then I was thinking what about the services are the running ? – Truly enough when I checked all the scribe services none of them was running!. Ahhh of cause the Scribe AdminServer need to run before you can use the console :)

So when I started the Scribe AdminServer I could run the console with out any errors , yeaaah..

I you have issues with starting the service remember to specify an user to the service as described in the installation guide.